The establishment of Trenner & Friedl occurred out of astonishment. Astonishment that we had not already been building loudspeakers for a long time. Before that, a chance acquaintance revealed that we already had many things in common as well as complementary abilities and great passion. We did not wish for this great potential to remain untapped and began its realization in 1994.

Retrospectively we can proudly say it was a success! Our production, located near Graz has now been running for almost 30 years.

So what makes our products so special?

Even though the term is sadly overworked these days – yes, our products are “sustainable,” and we are proud of it.

Wherever possible, we use natural materials. Thus, we damp our loudspeakers with sheep’s wool. The cabinets are hand-crafted with the highest precision by Master Cabinetmakers in Styria. We long ago ceased the use of endangered tropical hardwood veneers in favor of locally grown hardwoods for our cabinets. The surrounds of many of our drivers are made of cloth, which is extremely durable.

All of this not only serves to protect our Mother Earth, but also has sound technical foundations: our ears are extremely sensitive to the resonances that occur in artificial materials.

Design: Less, but better

We build loudspeakers, not sculptures. For us, it is about Music; about Life with Music. As far as the shape and appearance of our products is concerned, we agree wholeheartedly with Dieter Rams, former “Director of Form” with Braun, who said: “Good design is as little Design as possible.”

Good design naturally also implies that one consider not only the form, but also the function, in equal measure. The pleasing lines of our loudspeakers also have numerous sonic technical advantages, which you can see in our “Close Ups” – and good design also connects back to the theme of Sustainability:

It is the great and beautiful things, heirlooms, that accompany us through many years, indeed, for generations…

Be sound

Until now, we have said nothing about the sound of our creations. At this point, we also don’t want to say anything. You must simply experience them yourself, because, regardless of what anyone ever writes about sound:

"It don’t mean a thing (if it ain’t got that swing)", Duke Ellington

Peter Trenner & Andreas Friedl