Not Only Silence is Golden

There are some things that cannot be improved. However, one can use them to improve something else: the Golden Ratio, for example. This construction principle has been known since Antiquity and we humans intuitively sense its proportions as harmonic. The system of musical intervals is constructed on the basis of the proportional relationships of the golden ratio…even the plant world follows these rules in its growth patterns.

Consequently, we construct the cabinets of our loudspeakers using golden ratio proportions, thereby naturally pleasing both the eyes and the ears simultaneously. And since we are already talking about naturalness:
We use resonance-optimised Birch plywood of differing thickness in our cabinets and build the cabinets by hand. We damp the cabinet interiors with Austrian sheep’s wool. On the one hand, this reflects our commitment to sustainability in the production of our products, on the other hand, our tests have shown that natural materials, properly executed, are sonically superior to synthetic materials. It is often the simple things that achieve the best results.