"Trenner & Friedl Pharoah is an easy-to-live-with quality loudspeaker both visually and sonically, and as such a good candidate for the last loudspeaker." – Kari Nevalainen, Inner Magazine Finland

After ten successful years, we felt it was now time for us to take the next step with our PHAROAH

Although almost the same size, the new Pharoah looks more petit than its predecessor due to the slight incline and beveled edges.

It perfectly combines engineering with fine craftsmanship.

A highly stable housing made of birch plywood is hidden under the finely sanded surface made of hand-picked veneers. Inside, it was stiffened at critical points and houses two chambers of different sizes in order to minimize standing waves.

Due to its special sound alignment, the new Pharaoh can be integrated even better into living spaces.

With its large 10-inch woofer, there are enough reserves even for huge sound storms. The paper membrane is coated with our special violin varnish delivers a nimbly and natural sound, free of the resonances of synthetic materials.

The coaxially mounted 1-inch compression driver with a feather-light and high-strength titanium membrane fits seamlessly and well-balanced with the woofer.

Crystal clear sound with lack of distortions.

The heart of this speaker is of course the perfectly matched crossover with carefully selected components from Mundorf.

It is the sensitive conductor of this ensemble, without whom a performance at this high level would not be possible.

Pharoah plays perfectly balanced and homogeneous, he is like a wiry sprinter. The richness of timbres and the passionate musicality are irresistible.

It delivers enormous dynamics and powerful bass, but at the same time the finest details are delicately worked out.

Timeless design meets sophisticated technology

Technical details may be found in our Datasheet at the end of the photo array.

Floor standing speaker
Coaxial laudspeaker for perfect point source
Multiplex birch wood of different densities
Multi layered lacquer finish
Vented system with perfect matching to the listening room
Paper cone impregnated with Italian violin varnish
Cardas internal wire, also constructed in golden ratio proportions
Cardas terminals
Finest crossover components by Mundorf, Oil/Silver caps, foil coils, high grade MOX resistors
Designed for all amps
Can be placed close to walls and corners
Drive Units
1 x 10” Paper cone, coated with violin varnish
1 x 1” titanium compression driver, coaxial mounted
Frequency response
35 Hz (f-3 DB) to 20 kHz (f-3 DB)
94 dB (2.83V/1m)
8 Ohm (minimum 6 Ohm at 150Hz)
(with feet)
970 mm
470 mm
360 mm
36.5 kg
Finishes Body
Iced Oak
Others on request