The connection between electronics and loudspeakers is of utmost importance. This is all-to-often neglected. For what use are the most finely matched and tuned components, if their signals degrade on the way to the transducer?

The longest leg of the signal path should not be a rain gutter, rather much more like a river, that carries the music with it. After 20 years of collaboration with Cardas Audio, one of the leading cable manufacturers in the world, we can finally turn this flowing dream into reality. For, when seeking a specific destination, it does not suffice to sail down just any river, so, too, must loudspeaker and cable align with one another exactly.

Picked up at the end by the Cardas terminals and Cardas inner cabling of our loudspeakers, your music signal now encounters absolutely no more hindrances, even down to the final centimeters of its journey.

To somewhat freely paraphrase Heraclitus: Everything flows and nothing is held…back.