"The Isis are some of the most musically engaging speakers that I've had the pleasure of listening to music through." – Dan Muzquiz

Our new ISIS is very habitat-friendly. It fits into all styles, it is easy to integrate and its sound is celestial.The elegantly shaped cabinet leans back slightly. It seems to defy physics by "floating" over the massive bottom plate.

All of this is for acoustic purposes, it minimizes inner standing waves and stiffens the construction.

Because of the special aligned vents, the acoustic adaptation to the room succeeds perfectly. For the first time, we use our sawtooth profile boards for the cabinet walls. They are a third less voluminous and much stiffer than normal plywood. As a result, fine details sound even finer and high impulses are delivered effortlessly.

The names of all our speakers traditionally come from musicians or bands. The post-metal band ISIS as namesake, stands for the boundlessly dynamic, exuberant, but also control and musicality.


Technical details may be found in our Datasheet at the end of the photo array.​​

Floor standing speaker
Designed with taking account of the golden section
Built from sawtooth boards for maximum rigidity and lightness
Midrange chamber with acoustic flow resistance
Multi layered lacquer finish
The socket is made of plywood
Damped with recycling composit wool felt
Midrange cone impregnated with Italian oil varnish
Coaxial principle: point source, smooth phase and perfect step response
Neodymium magnet systems for high efficiency
Finest crossover components by Mundorf
Cardas Audio internal wire, also constructed in golden ratio
Cardas Audio Patented Binding Posts
Bi-wiring or bi-amping
Can be placed close to walls and corners
Drive Units
1 x 15” Woofer Paper cone
1 x 8” Midrange, coated paper cone
1 x 1.75” Coaxial Titanium Horn loaded compression driver
Frequency response
28 Hz (f-3 DB) to 40 kHz (f-3 DB)
91 dB (2.83V/1m)
6 Ohm
Dimensions (with feet)
1200 mm
500 mm
450 mm
65 kg
Finishes Body
Iced oak
Walnut nature
Night grey
Others on request